The Education and Outreach department at Ballet West offers a variety of dance programs for children of special abilities.  Please view the programs below for more information.



Adaptive dance in the public schools provides children in special education classes weekly dance classes taught by Ballet West adaptive dance instructors.  The Ballet West instructors work closely with the classroom teachers to facilitate each student's needs and goals.  A year end presentation for family and friends culminates the program.

Have Us At Your School . . .

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Movement Mentor is a unique program that pairs advanced students of the Ballet West Academy with students of special abilities for weekly dance classes at the three Ballet West campuses.  The mentors and students pair up for the entire year and perform together in the year end concerts.  The class is taught by Ballet West adaptive dance instructors, and the students receive one on one guidance from their peer mentors, creating bonds of friendship, trust, and learning.

Movement Mentor Schedule. . .

Saturday | 9:30AM-10:15AM
Saturday | 1:30PM-2:15PM
Saturday | 2:30PM-3:15PM
Tuesday | 4:00PM-4:45PM

How to Sign Up . . .

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Every year we hold a Spring Performance for all of our Academy students.

Our movement mentor dancers will have the opportunity to perform with our Ballet West Academy dancers and have their photos taken by a professional photographer. 

PETER CHRISTIE | Director of Education & Outreach

Originally born in Brooklyn, NY, Peter grew up in Upstate New York and began his dance training at the age of nine. At age 15 he entered the Syracuse Ballet School in New York and upon high school graduation, he joined Hartford Ballet’s Teacher Training program in Connecticut. Peter was a member of the Hartford Ballet from 1980-1982 and joined Ballet West in 1982 as a member of the corps. He was especially noted for his character roles and was promoted to soloist in 1991. After dancing with the company for 16 years, he joined the artistic staff of Ballet West in 1998. He currently serves as Director of Educational Programs. He also was a member of the Ballet West Academy Faculty beginning in 1992 and served as Director of the Ballet West Academy from 2004 through 2015.

Peter has taught for several local ballet schools, conducted master classes for Ballet West on tour, nationally and internationally. In July 1997, Peter worked with Jacques D’Amboise at the National Dance Institute in New York City and served as assistant director for the Feel the Beat educational program with Ballet West. Continuing on with that program, he created a program entitled I CAN DO, which is currently in residence in eleven Wasatch Front Schools. In August of 2004, Peter’s program crossed the Atlantic Ocean in conjunction with Ballet West’s invitation to the Edinburgh International Festival. I CAN DO was presented in several Scottish schools. Peter has choreographed for Ballet West, Utah Ballet, Utah Opera, local theatre productions, and numerous works for the Ballet West Academy. Peter volunteered as an assistant choreographer for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the 2002 Winter Olympics.

HEATHER FRYXELL | Principal, Frederick Q. Lawson Ballet West Academy and Adaptive Dance Director

The adaptive dance program is directed by Heather Fryxell, retired professional dancer, Principal at the Frederick Q. Lawson Ballet West Academy, and graduate in educational psychology.  

Ms. Fryxell has worked with the special abilities  population in dance for over 25 years, and her Movement Mentor program is in several dance schools across the country.