1.       Where will my dancer be taking classes?

Classes will take place at the Jessie Eccles Quinney Ballet Centre, which is located next to the Capitol Theatre in downtown Salt Lake City at 52 West 200 South and our Trolley Corners studios located at 515 South 700 East, Suite 1B.

2.       When is Parent Observation Day?

3 week session Parents: July 5

5 week session Parents: July 19

Choreographic Workshop Performance: July 18

We will offer a parent Observation Day at the end of each session. We will have a modified schedule that day for parents to attend a Technique and Repertoire class. We are only allowing two visitors a dancer on Parent Observation Day because we have limited seating. Parents will register the two visitors through iClassPro. Last day to register is June 14, 2019. If you are not registered by June 14, 2019 then you are not allowed to attend classes.  A few days prior to your arrival, the parents who registered will receive a schedule via email regarding the time of classes. No photography or videography is allowed during class in the studios. Photos will only be allowed after classes. Last day to register for Parent Observation Day is June 14, 2019.

3.       What should my dancer wear to class?


  • Pink footed tights

  • Pink ballet technique shoes

  • Pink pointe shoes

  • Solid black leotard in style of personal choice for Monday –Friday Classes

  • A black chiffon skirt (13 inches) should be worn for pointe, variations and repertoire class.

  • Tight fitting black stretch pants must be worn for jazz, contemporary and modern classes

  • Character classes require hard soled character shoes with a heel of about 1” and black character skirt (shin length).

  • Ladies may wear any solid color leotard for Saturday

  • classes (All other uniform policies remain in effect on Saturdays)


  • Black or gray tights

  • White compression style shirt (i.e. UnderArmour)

  • White socks

  • White ballet technique shoes

  • Dance belt

  • Black jazz pants may be worn for jazz classes.

  • Jazz shoes with a slight heel must be worn for jazz, modern, contemporary, and character classes.

  • For Saturday classes men may wear any solid color compression shirt. (All other uniform policies remain in effecton Saturdays)

4.       How does my dancer travel from the dorms to the studio?

The dorms students will be provided with a Utah Transit Authority (UTA) Pass for the summer. The dorm students will be taking UTA buses or TRAX line to and from the dorms. The dancer will be walking around 1-2 miles a day (depending on the dorm). Make sure your dancer wears good supportive shoes for the daily commute.  

5.       Is lunch provided for all students?

Students staying in the dorms may collect their lunch from the C Store under the Heritage Center each morning before leaving for the studios. The cost of these lunches is included in the housing and meals payment. Students that are not staying in the dorms must provide their own lunch each day. Refrigerators are not available to any students at the studios so all lunches must be packed in an insulated lunch box with ice packs.

6.       What happens if my student gets sick or injured?

Sick: Ballet West Academy has a 24 Hour Symptom Free Policy. If a student is ill, vomiting and/or is running a fever they are not allowed back in classes until they are symptom free for at least 24 hours.  Sick dancers should not be attending their scheduled classes.

Injury Before Program: If the dancer becomes injured before the program starts please contact the Ballet West Academy office at

Injury During Program: The dancer will report the injury to the Resident Interns and the Academy office. The dancer will schedule a time to meet with our Injury Care and Prevention Staff and receive a treatment plan. The dancer will return and participate in class as much as the injury allows. Sitting and observing or missing class is not acceptable within written documentation from Ballet West Staff.

7.       What does my dancer do on their time off?

If the dancer is not at the studio, your dancer will be spending their off time at the dorms or touring Salt Lake City. We will have optional prepaid weekend activities for dancers to attend. These activities include Utah Arts Festival, Lagoon Amusement Park, Utah Hogle Zoo and Salt Lake City Bee’s Baseball. An email will be send out how to register and purchase a ticket to each activity. Tickets are purchased in advance from the Parent Portal through iClassPro, not through the vendors. The last day to sign up for activities is Sunday, May 5, 2019.  Refunds are not available for pre-purchased activities.

8.       How do I request a roommate?

The best part about attending a Summer Intensive is making new friends. Ballet West does our best to accommodate roommate request, we do not promise all roommate request will be met. We will try to honor roommate request if both parties request each other, if only one party requests to room we will not be able to honor request. If you want to request roommate later, please email summerintensive@balletwest.org.  Last day to request a roommate is Friday, May 17, 2019.

9.      What is Salt Lake City’s weather like in the summer?

Salt Lake City has all four seasons. The summer is very hot and very dry. We recommend you pack shorts and t-shirts and tanks for the day, but bring a sweatshirt at night because the temperature will drop around 15-20 degrees.

10. How do I apply for financial assistance?

Ballet West and Ballet West Academy Staff and Faculty may determine that some dancers potential and technique warrant a merit scholarship at the time of audition. These scholarships offers will be included in acceptance notifications. Scholarship will not cover room and board.

A limited amount of financial aid is available for the summer program. Awards will be based on potential and financial need. In order to apply for financial aid dancers must have been accepted into the program as well as secured their place in the program by paying the $500.00 deposit to Ballet West.

All financial aid applications and supporting documents must be submitted by Friday, March 8, 2019 to be considered for financial aid to be applied to the 2019 Summer Intensive.  Requests for financial aid after this date will not be considered.

11. Do I need to bring photos to the audition?

No, Ballet West Academy will not accept any photos sent via email or delivered in person at auditions.

12. Where can I find the liability waiver form?

You can access the form here.


For more information please email summerintensive@balletwest.org